The Merchant of Bishopsgate

In 2013 SSP had plans to update their old train station boozers. Beginning with the Britannia in Liverpool Street Station, London. They had concepts for a modern gastropub but needed an identity, visual look and tone of voice. I came up with a name, personality and full range of communications that launched the pub as well as lots of in-pub design work.



Identity and end line for the the pub, which is located deep in the bowels of Liverpool Street Station. The name came from the the heritage of merchant traders in the Bishopsgate area.

Exterior and interior shots featuring graphics and lines I created.

Some of the advertising featured in the launch campaign. Digital ads ran in Liverpool Street Station and print ran in CityAM, Evening Standard and Metro in the buildup to the opening of the pub.

Various bits of ephemera I created for The Merchant. The look and tone of voice carried over from the launch campaign into the pub itself.

The website and social media played an important role in the launch of the pub and helped to spread awareness of a decent food and drink offering in the station. I developed a social media campaign across twitter, instagram and Facebook to help drive momentum in the first few weeks of opening. The pub proved popular with staff inundated with bookings at launch.