Upper Crust Baguettes

A few years ago Upper Crust baguette offering felt stale (sorry) in comparison to modern food shops like POD & Pret. I was tasked with getting Upper Crust noticed again. After an initial burst of successful digital advertising, packaging and POS work Upper Crust wanted to continue the campaign. I was the creative lead and came up with 'The Mighty Mighty Baguette' and the resulting campaign. It was incredibly successful and continuted to grow and encompass new products.


A series of Digital Escalator Panels that ran across stations where Upper Crust had a store.
The DEPs stood out in their environment.

Alongside the DEPs I created packaging and POS posters. The bold white and black style alongside the uncompromising tone of voice helped Upper Crust stand apart from the competition in busy commuter stations. This initial campaign's success gave Upper Crust the confidence to continue to promote their baguettes.


The Mighty Mighty Baguette. I developed the tone of voice further and worked alongside photographer Gareth Morgans to give the baguettes real appetite appeal. The campaign ran across print, POS, posters and on radio. Commuters were targeted with tactical Metro and Evening Standard ads as well as in-station posters.

Start strong. To promote Upper Crust's new breakfast offering I continued to develop the tone of voice and visual look. 

The campaign continued with The Mighty Mighty Roasts. Print, poster and Tubecard advertising was created for specific baguettes. We worked with Upper Crust to create a Winter range that proved so successful they sold out on many occasions.

Over Christmas 'The Mighty Mighty Roasts' campaign was extended with Christmas baguettes. The baguettes were created specifically for the advertising and crown-like collars were created for in store baguttes after their success in the photography.

The final burst of the campaign was for spicy baguettes.
We had begun to push the visual look with interesting props and this was a perfect opportunity to dial up the fun.